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Sérénitanie countries Find harmony serenity

Sérénitanie countries Find harmony serenity

The land of serenity

Sérénitanie countries Find harmony serenity

The Sérénitanie? The land of serenity

Where to find the harmony, the way ...
Peace with oneself and others, the quiet, internal order, enjoyed the silence, tranquility, peace, wisdom, placidly, patience

Good is the action which does not regret the outcome of which is greeted with joy and serenity.
The Buddha

But attention to the sense of serenity:
Anatole France We asked to smile:
"it is for most men an example discouraging that the serenity of a pig."

Similarly I do not approach in Blaise Cendrars
"One night in the forest":
"The serenity can be achieved only by the spirit and desperate to be desperate, you must have lived a lot and still love the world."


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The origin of serenity does not concern us
Latin serenita and its connotation of "drought".

Serenity for the dictionary: calm, quiet, no trouble or unrest.

True serenity is a long circumstance. Philosopher away from the storm is easy!
As William Shakespeare wrote] in "much ado about nothing": "there is no philosopher who calmly bears rage teeth."

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